Let's get moving


My Husband and I were very pleased with the service we received from "Smooth Transitions."  Moving to Germany after being in our last home for 19 years  was very difficult.  
This real estate business made it easy.  Carina Barber is a true professional and shows some beautiful properties. Since our home was new we were able to pick out the light fixtures and some appliances.
 Carina was there through all of that  and continues to help us even after she has moved to the US. I would highly recommend using this company for a stress free move!

Jim & Kate Russell

As a military family who moved to Stuttgart, we want to say thank you to Carina Barber, owner of Smooth Transitions.  Carina was the only agent we talked to who listened, rather than told 
us what we needed, and found us a house very quickly. The best thing  about Carina is that she stayed involved and would check in on us. Our  landlord was not the most responsive person, but Carina routinely  stepped in to help us, including getting the heating fixed. She and  her daughter are two (2) very nice people who contiune to support  their clients, even after the lease is signed. Carina speaks fluent  english and understands the issues facing military familes as they move to the Stuttgart area.  V/R,  David and Lindy Bunn

As a customer of SmoothTransitions since my arrival here in Germany I have been treated with the utmost respect and professional courtesy.  The entire staff of the organization has been nothing less than amazing in finding me an apartment for temporary lodging to a beautiful home for permanent residence.  Their customer service is beyond reproach and financial transactions were always scheduled at my convenience. I can't say enough about their utmost respect for my family and I.  It was a breath of fresh air to find such people to work with that were interested in my well being and not merely making a profit.  Personal recommendations/accolades are not my orte but I can't help but write something when it is so rightly deserved. 
Timothy L. Smith

We had a fantastic experience with Carina and her team. As a military couple, we sought assistance to find the perfect apartment-- something with easy acces to public transportation, a good amount of space, modern conveniences, and a location that allows us to feel immersed in a new culture. We found these attributes and more in the first viewing we did with Mike, one of SmoothTransitions agents. His approachable personality, experience, and professionalism also aided in this transition; he is very well-versed in the language of the military housing office, so there were no hiccups when signing the lease and moving in. I strongly recommend SmoothTransitions to anyone or any family who is moving to Stuttgart and looking for an ideal space to call their own. Thank you!!! 
Dominick & Katy

It was a pleasure to work with Stuttgart Realtors.  Their extensive knowledge of the military housing process made my transition to the Stuttgart area significantly easier.  Highly recommend starting your search with Stuttgart Realtors! 

My husband and I would like to thank Carina and her team for all their hard work and dedication in helping us find a home and get settled as quickly and smoothly as possible. I am incredibly impressed with their vast knowledge of renting a home off base and helping with the language barrier of a lease that is written in German. Nothing was ever left unclear and answers were given before we even asked the question. I would highly recommend SmoothTransitions to anyone moving to Germany. Job well done and many thanks!!!
The Taylor Family 

Americans! Listen VERY carefully to me… I know it is a difficult decision to actually pull the trigger and enlist the aid of an immobilien.  This is a concept we are not used to in the States.  It is a very large amount of money to part with right when we hit the ground here in Germany.  I was VERY hesitant to spend that kind of money, and I had heard many horror stories about exactly what you got (or didn’t get) for your money.  HOWEVER, all that being said, I PROMISE you that SmoothTransitions and Carina Barber in particular is worth absolutely every single euro that you pay.  I was ASTOUNDED at the level of service, the unbelievable commitment, and the amount of time Carina spent holding my hand through every step of the process.  Initially I gave her a few parameters of what I was interested in and the very first place she presented to me was EXACTLY what I was looking for – perfect in every way.  Carina has gone above and beyond and still two months after moving in, she is there if I need her.  Do not even consider looking for a place on your own – enlist the aid of SmoothTransitions and you will be absolutely and totally satisfied that you did. 
Cheryl Farmer 

Thanks to Mike from SmoothTransitions, my wife and I were able to find and choose a spacious, modern-style apartment with a fantastic view – on our first day of apartment hunting. In addition to understanding the unique requirements of the American military community in Stuttgart, Mike is courteous, helpful, and very responsive. Thank you, SmoothTransitions, for turning what could have been a long and arduous search into a straightforward process and altogether pleasant experience!
Larry Clark, AFRICOM

Being caught in the US Government shutdown, I was unable to make timely arrangements for a hotel in Stuttgart. Additionally, Oktoberfest was underway and when I started calling around, I found that 191 of 192 hotels were completely booked for the first week in October. I had corresponded with Executive Suites and they came to my rescue. Not only did they provide me with first class accommodations, within my budget, they were willing to pick me up at the airport and check me in late in the evening. I was so impressed by Executive Suites that I utilized their partner, SmoothTransitions for my long term housing needs. In a matter of hours of house hunting, I decided upon a beautiful apartment situated in Killesberg with a gorgeous view of the valley. Impressive, responsive, helpful, and professional. These are apt descriptions of the services provided by the Executive Suites / SmoothTransitions. I’m a very happy customer.
Dr. Tom Karnowski / EUCOM