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SmoothTransitions - Your fist Friend Abroad

As a professional relocation agency, SmoothTransitions is the fuel that enables you to live globally. Whether it’s moving you or your entire family or the opening of a new  branch office, the relocation of a business unit or even of the entire company: international workforce mobility is a decisive factor for businesses.

Coordinating any change of location of internationally mobile senior staff and expatriates is a time-consuming and expensive challenge for any HR department while the actual relocation may be an exceptional emotional strain for the employees being sent abroad.

True to our slogan – Your first friend abroad – SmoothTransitons relocation agents have made it their mission to make the move as easy as possible. 

The relocation agency will deal with any expenses incurred by the company or the employee and bill them in one clear, comprehensive invoice with all supporting documents attached.


Thanks to the SmoothTransitons moving can be a stress free and positive experience.