Let's get moving

Found – the backbone of a successful transfer is the Home Search!   

The core of relocation is to look for, or rather to find an apartment or a house. A successful home search is often half the success of the whole transfer, whether apartment or house, furnished or unfurnished,  it should happen quickly, finding the best property, to give the displaced employees a new home. Once the rental agreement has been proofed, negotiated and signed the house or apartment handover can be professionally handled by SmoothTransitions.

If a home search were easy, anyone could do it. Far from it: Although the employee defines his residential search profile himself, it shouldn’t be assumed that he would be successful in finding a home without  the special experience of a trained SmoothTransitions  agent who is knowledgeable in the real estate market of the region and well connected to our network of brokers, owners and managers. The correct position of the desired home can only be assessed through experience and local knowledge, which saves  a lot of running around and frustration.